3rd Party Connector: "Your Access Token has expired."


Our company uses a few 3rd party connectors to push updates from Smartsheets to other systems. Periodically, all our connections will go into meltdown (we will end up using 40,000+ connection steps in less than 2 hours - normally about 10,000 per month) because Smartsheets is responding with "Your Access Token has expired." We have not figured out if this is on some sort of schedule that we can pre-emptively update tokens before they expire or if there is anything we can do about it. One system built by another team will have thousands of Jira tickets duplicated in our system due to this token issue, whereas my system goes into meltdown and we then locked out of our connectors due to going past our limits.

Is there any info about this behavior and is there anything we can do to prevent this issue?