Index Match returning incorrect information


I have a smartsheet with trade numbers and I want to pull in the invoice number, invoice due date and invoice amount for the invoices tied to a specific trade number. I had it working correctly but then lost the formulas when I ran out of rows carrying the formula and now I can't get it to work right.

Each week I get a new invoice list that has about 50 lines on it. When I couldn't get the correct information returned (I realized it was wrong because it is giving me a due date of 3/8/24 when I know the due date is 5/15/24), I removed all lines except the one line that ties to my trade. When I did that, all three fields populated correctly. So I added back all the other lines and when I do that, the data in two of the three fields changes.

I've tried referencing the same trade number for all three fields initially. The one field that returns correct information is the invoice number. So then I tried referencing the invoice number for the two fields coming through incorrectly, and that doesn't help.

I've checked my table to make sure that there is only one reference tied to the trade number and there is just the one. So I don't understand why my formulas keep referencing a completely different trade for a different counterparty when the full list is populated but everything is correct with no error messages when just the specific details are listed.

Any ideas?


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