Using the Copy Rows Function Within A project Template of Sheets


I am having an issue when I am trying to move a row of data to another sheet within the folder structure of a Workspace. When saving the workspace as a new workspace (for a new project for example), the sheet containing the automation to copy the row to another sheet continues to point to the original sheet, and not the newly copied sheet.

I am using cell links in the originating sheet to prevent copying more data / columns than I need, and have tried using index formulas to pull the data (instead of cell links), but both scenarios have the same affect when a copy of the workspace is made. All data sheets are moving data to one destination / original sheet, instead of the newly copied sheet.

Am I doing something not quite right, or is this just how Smartsheet behaves with the Copy Row function in automations?


  • Paul McGuinness
    Paul McGuinness ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 04/25/24

    Hi @Brian McElligott

    When copying (Save as new) a sheet to create a new version you can select to Don't preserve destination and deactivate the workflow. You can then go in and realign and reactivate the workflow once you have the new copy sheet up and running.

    Hope that helps



  • Brian McElligott

    Hi Paul,

    Thank You for the quick reply!

    Follow up question, as I an not just copying (Save as New) a single sheet, but a collection of folders, sheets, reports and dashboards, at the Workspace Level. When I try to "Save as New" at the Workspace level, the screen UI is not the same as the screen UI at the Sheet level. Here are the copy options at the Workspace level:

    The section for "Any reports, dashboards, sheet hyperlinks and cell links will refer to:", with "Newly Created sheets" selected, indicates that newly created sheets inside the Workspace copy will be used for the "Copy row" automation option. However this is not the case in my testing.

    While I appreciate the sheet level option, and will be exploring and testing it for my purposes, the Workspace level is where I generally work to deploy a new project (set of sheets, reports and dashboards for a project). Thoughts on the Workspace level copies for the "Copy Row" automation action?

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