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Looking for a Consultant to help convert a complex multi-sheet Excel file to Smartsheet


Hi. We are looking for a Smartsheet "consultant" to help us convert a complex cost model spreadsheet to Smartsheet. We have looked at the various templates and don't believe anything existing will meet our needs. We are a marketing agency and use the excel sheet to create and track profit and loss for all our client engagements. The workbook incorporates staffing and staff rates and costs, fixed costs, expenses, pulls in project data captured outside (ie get data). There is also a section for adding client invoice details to allow for tracking of actual cost vs budget.

Our challenges with excel involve hard to troubleshoot errors, issues collaborating across multiple project leads, difficulty creating easy to digest summaries and dashboards, and also combining data from multiple sources (excel, sharepoint lists, harvest (time tracking app), etc.).

Ideally, we can move this to 100% inside smartsheet. Our expertise is limited - learn as we go and we are having trouble translating some of the excel architecture and worksheet structure / design to the way things work in Smartsheet.

I would like to find someone with more in-depth smartsheet experience who can help us make this transition. Obviously we expect to pay this person for their help. Expect this is a fairly significant amount of work to complete - at least 1-2 months and maybe more.

Please reply here or email me directly at if you have relevant experience and are interested.