MAX(COLLECT multiple values


The sheet I am working on keeps track of the most recent dates that an item is requested. One of these items have 2 different item codes, but they are an equivalent item. Let's say Item1 and Item2 are different names, but if either is requested, it counts for the same thing. The current formula to return one value is

=MAX(MAX(COLLECT({YTD Archived Request Range 1}, {YTD Archived Request Range 3}, Analyst102, {YTD Archived Request Range 2}, [Method/SOP #]@row)))

Where YTD Archived Request is the source sheet where we pull the dates from, Analyst is the specific person who requested the item on a particular date, and Method/SOP # is the column in the resulting sheet I need it to reference to know what item to look for in the source sheet. I want the box to return the latest date that either one of those items were requested, since the items are equivalent.

How do I make it so that the box will return the earliest date from either of the items?


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