Connecting Postgre SQL database to Smartsheet


Hello community. I am relatively new to smartsheet and database integrations. I'm looking for guidance on how to connect a Postgre SQL database to Smartsheet. Specifically, I want to understand the steps involved in setting up the integration and how to pull and push data from and to Postgre.
Could someone provide a step-by-step guide or point me to resources that explain how to achieve this?
Thank you for your help in advance.


  • Miguel Lopes

    Hello SRoy,

    Regarding the functionality of pulling data from Postgre SQL to Smartsheet, I currently utilize Python for this task. The process involves extracting data from Postgre using the psycopg2 library and converting it into a pandas dataframe. Once this step is completed, the Smartsheet SDK library is called upon to chunk the information into the sheet, with 300 rows being processed at a time.

    Here is a link to Smartsheet's API documentation: