A Section Disappeared at a Collection Level

Joanne Nam
Joanne Nam ✭✭✭
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Is it possible that a Collaborator user at a collection level delete a section within that collection?

My understanding is that only Admin can customize sections only at brandfolder level, but about 2 days ago, a section disappeared only at a collection level after a Collaborator user did something at a collection level. (She is not used to using Brandfolder, so doesn't exactly know what she did)

We created the missing section again so now it's not a problem, but I'd like to know if this was just a temporary error or a possible case that can happen. The details about our situation are as follows.

1.We have Collection A, and user X only has a collaborator access to Collection A.

2. Our sections at Brandfolder level are as follows.

3. Our sections at Collection A level were as follows in the beginning.

4. But after the user X did something at Collection A, '24SS' section disappeared as follows. (Also, the assets that had been in that section were removed)

5. '24SS' section and the assets in that section were also in Brandfolder and the other collections, but there were no influence on them.

Thank you.


  • Rebeca S.
    Rebeca S. Employee
    edited 05/16/24

    Hi Joanne,

    Hope you're doing well! Sections are all created and edited at the Brandfolder level. In a Collection, a Section only appears if there are assets from that Section added to the Collection. In this case, the Collaborator user probably removed all the assets from the Section of the Collection by accident, making it disappear.

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  • Joanne Nam
    Joanne Nam ✭✭✭

    Hi Rebeca,

    Thank you for your answer. I had already tried removing all assets from a section before asking this question, but I didn't know that made the section disappear, because I didn't refreshed the page.

    Thank you!