Counting formula-checked check boxes in sheet summary column - returns Invalid Data type



I am working on a project that is counting checked checkboxes that are checked via a column formula. I have tried changing to a COLLECT and a VALUE function but neither seem to work.

Summary Formula currently: =COUNTIF(VALUE([At Risk]:[At Risk]), =1) - Returns Invalid Data Type

Checkbox column formula: =IF(OR((AND([% Complete]@row <= 0.5, NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), Finish@row) <= 10)), (AND([% Complete]@row <= 0.75, NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), Finish@row) <= 5)), (AND(Status@row = "Not Started", NETWORKDAYS(TODAY(), Finish@row) <= 5)), AND([% Complete]@row < 1, Finish@row < TODAY())), 1)

Any help would be appreciated!

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  • bisaacs
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    Hey @Mross0878,

    In your At Risk column, are there any cells that show "Invalid Data Type"? I just discovered that if a row in the At Risk column has "Invalid Data Type", that also gets sent to the Summary Field.

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