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Hi, I have read the article about Search in Brandfolder at Help&Learning, but couldn't fully understand the search mechanism.

These are my questions :

1.There are many product images in our Brandfolder, and we added each product code as tags and custom field values within each asset. But when I choose "Any of these terms" option and search for our product code(e.g.3ASQRNB43-50BK), even the assets that don't have "3ASQRNB43-50BK" value in any indexed fields(tags, custom fields, descriptions,metadata,,) are returned.

2. Are the search syntaxes below only valid in "Any of these terms" and "All of these terms"?

When I searched [tags: "Denim"] at each search option, the results were not the same. Please refer to the images below.

I'd like to know how the search mechanism works in more detail.

Thank you.


  • Rebeca S.
    Rebeca S. Employee

    Hi Joanne, apologies for the delayed response.

    1- When searching on "Any of these terms" a term is considered any change between letters, symbols and number characters. So, your example (3ASQRNB43-50BK) is actually considered as 5 terms: 3, ASQRNB, 43, 50, and BK. Results that contain any single of these terms would be displayed. On "All of these terms" the terms are broken up in the same way, but the asset must contain all of these terms in at least one indexed field. It might be that two terms are found in a field like asset name, one term is in the Tags and one term is in the extracted text from the file.

    2- This is correct. When using "Exactly this phrase" or "Containing this phrase" the search is looking for the exact phrase. Since your data (tags, descriptions, custom fields, etc.) almost surely do not include those parts of our search syntax, they do not work. If you search the phrase tags: “Denim” you may have assets which contain or have the exact phrase Denim, but it almost surely is not encapsulated in our syntax tags:“”.

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