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@Paul Newcome - Hi Paul, I went through this thread:

but unable to follow it for my use case. Could you please help? I am new to Smartsheet and have an urgent use case for my team where I need to build a KPI scorecard dashboard. The details are as below:

  1. We have 3 teams who will maintain similar metrics for 5 KPIs (Data Availability, Pipelines#, Trainings# etc.) in 3 separate data sheets on Smartsheet
  2. Each team will update these data sheets with their metrics periodically in their data sheet
  3. In the dashboard, firstly, I want to show default data aggregated for All 3 teams against 5 KPIs when a user accesses it
  4. Next the user should be able select a particular team from a dropdown - All (Default), Team A, B, C
  5. If the user selects Team A, KPI/Metrics data for that particular team should be displayed on the dashboard from Team A data sheet

Kindly let me know how can I go about building such a dashboard. Thanks in advance!



  • Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson Overachievers

    We're all waiting desperately for dynamic filter dropdowns on dashboards. It's simply not possible today without awkward workarounds.

    You can check out the Engage 2023 session recording and slides where they describe how to use a form to setup filters on a dashboard, but it's a workaround until we have real filtering.

    On the link below, go to Power User Skills, then "Design dynamically updating dashboards"

    Otherwise, I might suggest that you setup three dashboards, one for each of your subgroups. Then either have links from a central dashboard, or use Workapps (if available to you) to host all four dashboards as pages to navigate through.




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