Index/ match not working.


Hello all, i'm not seeing something and maybe a fresh set of eyes will see the glaringly obvious issue I have. From a Work Intake Sheet I have a list of project names and project numbers. All the project numbers are unique and auto counting. On a Expense Intake & List sheet I want to input the project number and return the project name. My formula is as follow. The return is #NO MATCH. See Red Circle. IDK what I'm missing. Any help is appreciated. Formula below.

=INDEX({Work Intake Sheet, PMO-Project Name}, MATCH([COE Proj ID]@row, {Work Intake Sheet, PMO- COE PROJ ID}, 0))

What did I miss?


  • Nik Fuentes
    Nik Fuentes ✭✭✭✭✭

    are both COE Proj IDs the same column type? If one is dropdown and the other is text/num that might throw an error.

    Otherwise, I'd double check your references to make sure they're the full column [or at least the same height]. Your syntax looks correct.

  • scott.95

    Thanks for the advice Nik.

    On the sheet Work Intake Sheet- PMO, the COE Proj ID column type is auto number. The COE-nnnnnn number is generated when a new project is created.

    On the sheet Expense Intake & List, the COE Proj ID column is a text/number. I have another sheet for Funding Intake and the same index match formula works on that sheet. 😵

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