How to check a box if criteria is met on a second sheet?

Whitney Faulkner
Whitney Faulkner ✭✭
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Hello! I am hoping to get some help with a formula. I am working on building out a training tracking workspace. I have built a form to collect the unique employee ID (TCOLE PID) and which training course they are taking (in this case its 2096), that data comes into my "Sign In" sheet and I have a VLOOKUP pull in the remainder of the data I need from my primary employee data sheet such as name, email, etc. On my primary employee data sheet I have a column of checkboxes that titled "2096" and I want to find a formula that looks at the "Training Sign In" sheet for the unique employee ID (TCOLE PID) and the course number that I need (again, in this case 2096) and check the box, thus marking it as complete. Is this possible?

Primary Data Sheet - contains employee data:

Training Sign In Sheet - populated by a form:

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