To collect an employee name in third sheet after checking employee code from 2 other sheets



I want to pull an employee name (under column 'Employee Name') in current sheet named 'PQR'. Now, this employee name could be mentioned in sheet 1 named 'ABC' OR in sheet 2 named 'XYZ' under same column 'Employee name'. Sheet 1 and Sheet 2 have same column formats and names.

The condition here is to match employee code in PQR with that in ABC and XYZ. If the code is found in any of these 2 sheets, return the employee name for that particular code.

Currently, I am using Index and match function to extract employee name from 1 sheet, ABC. How to do that with OR function for 2 sheets? Or if there is any other way?

Current formula:

=INDEX({ABC Employee Name}, MATCH([PQR Employee Code]@row, {ABC Employee Code}, 0))

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