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Seattle Based Senior Program Manager, Expert Smartsheet Developer

Lucas Rayala
Lucas Rayala ✭✭✭✭✭✭

Hello Everyone! I'm looking for a Program Manager position in the Seattle area, and I hope I can bring my love of Smartsheet to my next position. Please reach out if you know of anything.

With a solid track record spanning over two decades in the healthcare and related industries, including a decade of expertise in GMP development and testing environments, I am a results-driven Senior Program Manager. My passion lies in creating and implementing tools and strategies to optimize processes and drive efficiency.

I’m also a Smartsheet guru. I’ve built out data models in Smartsheet to provide real-time costing for laboratory testing across multiple manufacturing sites, developed Smartsheet API integrations with Oracle and SAP using Python and SQL, and created bespoke tools for supply chain to create material projections that off-the-shelf software could not handle. I think Smartsheet is an incredible platform, which I love because I can quickly create stable tools and processes that can be shared to a wide audience with little fuss.

I excel at leading and executing cross-department initiatives, fostering collaboration, and inspiring change throughout organizations. The industry isn't as important to me as the vision of the leaders. Let me know if you know of an innovative organization that has a need for someone with my skillset.