Can you help me make or identify a template for my project?

MichelleN ✭✭
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I am an instructional designer at a large community college (my license is through the college). We do not have workflow or dynamic view or datac connection options licensed… no extras as far as I know. I manage some complex sheets but I have not yet mastered how to create or use templates or create a project that interlinks pieces as the templates do.

My application is the following. I help run a certification course that professors complete in an LMS. This course has a checklist/rubric that I'd like to make in Smartsheet. I want to embed a form with the checklist/rubric items in the LMS (no prob, I've made plenty of embedded forms before).

Ideally each person in the course, let's say up to 100 people or so, complete the course lesson by lesson and check off the items related to each lesson. So each would have a chunk of the rubric that corresponds to the lesson. I don't see a way to collect this all on one sheet where the new entries would go in the same row, but perhaps it is fine if they collect on different sheets and then are combined using a report.

I'd like to let them check off items, or fill in items, and then notify the facilitators who can see and review, and possibly give feedback on those items. it would be nice to have would also be for them to be able to provide links and for the reviewer to be able to offer feedback, but if that takes place in the course and not in smartsheet, that's okay too. I'd also like a dashboard that summarizes everyone's progress. I'd also like the student to only see their own progress without having to do anything special.

The Templates for Simple Project Portfolio or Project Tracking and rollup seem close to what I need, but everyone is doing identical tasks, not assigned different tasks. Given my inexperience with templates, do you think I could adapt one of these for this application?

Do you have any suggestions for how to build such a template, or do we have a license that allows someone to help me set this up? If not, too bad, but could you point me to the best learning resources from Smartsheet that would help me build it?