IFERROR(INDEX(COLLECT Pulling Data from 3 different sheets into one single column


Good Afternoon Smartsheet Community!

I have been working on a formula that pulls data from single select columns on 3 different cross sheets into one "home" sheet. My current formula is shown below. Currently getting an "#Incorrect Argument Set" error message.

=(IFERROR(INDEX(COLLECT({Pass/Fail}), {Unit Part Number}, @cell = [Part #]@row, {Sales Order Number}, @cell = Order@row, 1), IFERROR(INDEX(COLLECT({Pass/Fail 1}), {Unit Part Number 1}, @cell = [Part #]@row, {Sales Order Number 1}, @cell = Order@row, 1), IFERROR(INDEX(COLLECT({Pass/Fail 2}), {Unit Part Number 2}, @cell = [Part #]@row, {Sales Order Number 2}, @cell = Order@row, 1)))))

I am using two unique identifiers from the cross sheets to match with the "home" sheet I am trying to pull the data into, they would be the "Part Number" and "Order" columns on all 4 sheets, if on the cross sheets these match the data on the "home" sheet I want it to pull what is displayed in the "Pass/Fail" columns of these sheets.

Is it possible to perform this formula from 3 different cross sheets in one single column?

Thanking everyone in advance for any help you may have!

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