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Does anyone have any suggestions for mastering formulas and functions in Smartsheet? I have taken the self-paced course multiple times, but I can't seem to pass the test at the end. It would be helpful if the answers were provided after three failed attempts so that I could actually learn from my mistakes. Instead, I have no idea which questions I'm getting right and which ones I'm getting wrong. Why are the self-paced tutorial tests set up in such a way that people can't learn from their mistakes?


  • Mark.poole
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    The self paced test is set up in a way that you build the sheet out following the instructions and then Take the test. What I would recommend doing is downloading the or printing off the functions list. There are a lot. Also learning what the different errors you get mean. that way you can easily troubleshoot any syntax issues you have.

    Here Are some resources i have used over the months to learn Smartsheet.




    another trick I myself as well as a few other people here have used. Is attempting to answer formula questions. even if only for yourself. Then watch the different ways and formulas people come up with to achieve the same results. Most of all it just takes time patience and a willingness to learn. You got this.

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  • Vince Darrigo
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    I would say practice makes perfect honestly…it took me forever to get the hang of (or even remember without saving formulas in emails to myself to refer to) writing formulas in Smartsheet…I didn't take any classes or tests or anything, I just made reasons for the use of many different types of formulas and did them in my own clunky manner until one day (years into this line of work) it clicked!

    This template set could be of use to you in terms of practice…sorry I don't have a better answer, hang in there and you'll get it!


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