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Hi there community!

I have a column with session dates and times that form users are selecting from (dropdown) but I need to turn it into a date so I can trigger a reminder of upcoming sessions. I used the following formula to remove the time and add the year, in the [Date 2] column, and it is working to display just the date.

=IFERROR((LEFT([Which session would you like to attend for 'Prepar]@row, FIND(",", [Which session would you like to attend for 'Prepar]@row, 1) - 3)) + ", 2024", "")

The problem is, Smartsheet isn't recognizing that as a date. When I put it into a column formatted as a date, I still just see it as July 16, 2024 and if restricted to dates, I get an error saying the column is restricted to dates. Can I do something different in my formula (or in another column formula) to convert it so SS recognizes it as a date instead of text? THANKS in advance!

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