Is there a way to "get row number/id" using a row attribute?

Dacia Bowman
Dacia Bowman ✭✭✭
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I am processing a set of parent/child rows via a set of Alteryx workflows and I have the possibility of adding/updating rows to a SmartSheet grid in the process via the download tool / SmartSheet API. Trouble I am running into is that the original row number obviously changes if I add a row - currently doing a GET each time I start processing the row as it could have changed. This is adding time to an already slow process. Is there any way to get current row number based on a key field in the sheet?

For example - currentRowNumber = getrow("key")


  • bisaacs
    bisaacs ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @Dacia Bowman,

    Could you add an auto-numbering column that's hidden on the sheet view, but is accessible to the API? Once the # is assigned to the row it doesn't change, so that could act as your key field?

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  • Dacia Bowman

    @bisaacs - I already have a unique key field - just need a way to get the current row ID or Number based on that key field. I can't use a auto number because the row number can change if I add rows as I process.

    For example - 10 rows in tracker. I process the first row and I add 2 rows. Row 10 is now row 12 and I have to currently to a GET SHEET with API to determine new row numbers to update correct row. Doing GET SHEET via API takes longer and longer the more rows in the tracker.