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I'm new to smart sheet, but in playing around with building a jobsite estimates… is there a way to show a subcontractor within a scope vertically in a column? The attached screen shot shows work scope for concrete flatwork, and rather than stack the subs I'd like to look at them side by side across the board which would eliminate the need to repeat bid items for each sub. At the same time I'd like to do the same for each different scope on a project where the sub are different. Erosion Control, Asphalt paving, Grading etc… maybe there is better template or possible a way using sheet summary?


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    Hi @Mark Euser

    You can use the Card view or Board view to look at sub-contractors side by side across the board.

    To do that, you must change the column type of Cotracators or Tasks in your pdf to a dropdown list.

    Use a filter to show only rows with sub-contractors values.

    You can create filters with those values to do the same for each different scope on a project, such as Corrosion Control, Asphalt paving, Grading, etc.

    Card View


    Board View

    Filter Setting Example

    With this filter, the Card or Board View shows the cards or boards that have contractor value and "Concrete Flatwork" words in the Category field, including their ancestors. For example, you can copy and modify the copied filter, changing the Category to Corrosion Control.

    The Breadcrumbs column shows all the parent Categories except the top one.

    Breadcrumbs =SUBSTITUTE(JOIN(ANCESTORS(Category@row), " > ") + " > " + Category@row, INDEX(Category:Category, 1), "")

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