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I know I must be overthinking this…

I need a formula that basically states IF [IDCode] in {Sheet A} matches [IDCode] in {Sheet B}, AND [Response] in {Sheet B} is "Yes", then checkbox in {Sheet A} is checked, if false, then checkbox is unchecked.

I've tried every combination of IF(AND(INDEX(MATCH I could think of to make this work and I keep receiving #UNPARSABLE or #INCORRECT ARGUEMENT SET errors.

Thanks in advance!



  • Spoonhead

    You should be able to achieve this with a combination of IF, MATCH, and INDEX.

    1. Ensure you have two sheets, Sheet A and Sheet B.
    2. In Sheet A, create a column for the checkbox.
    3. In Sheet A, use the following formula in the checkbox column:
    =IF(AND(NOT(ISERROR(MATCH([IDCode]@row, {Sheet B IDCode}, 0))), INDEX({Sheet B Response}, MATCH([IDCode]@row, {Sheet B IDCode}, 0)) = "Yes"), 1, 0)

    Make sure to replace {Sheet B IDCode} and {Sheet B Response} with the actual references to the columns in Sheet B.

    This should solve your problem. If you encounter any issues, double-check that the column names are correctly referenced and the column types match the expected data types.

  • MWilkesen
    MWilkesen ✭✭✭✭


    HECK YEAH!! Thank you, I didn't even think to use ISERROR and NOT functions!

    I GREATLY appreciate your assistance!

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