Help with VLOOKUP, moving rows from one sheet to another.


I am trying to move rows from one sheet to another based on the criteria of someone's name and once they are checking out. I am using 3 sheets total for this workspace and a dashboard. The first sheet has a form attached to it that acts as a check in form for visitors.

The info below.. (all example info)

I have a metric sheet attached to this dashboard that has a customer facing dashboard that tracks how many visitors are allowed at a given time.

The dashboard…

Only two people are allowed to visit at a time. The dashboard allows people to know if they can check in to visit or not using the form. When someone leaves they use the same form and select an option to check out rather than check in.

If they are checking out we have them put their name in the exact same way they entered it and just putting checking out.

That info is summited and sent to this sheet which is our checkout sheet using automation

For this example I was checking out visitor "h" who was checking-in in the first picture I included.

My question now is can I use a vlookup to move "h" from that first check in to this "dump" sheet. after they check out we do not want their name to be populating data on the dashboard if that makes sense.

I can provide more information if something does not make sense or if I should be doing this a more efficient way.



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