Can I turn off "bundling" in Brandfolder when uploading multiple assets from Smartsheet?


I've been testing out the Smartsheet/Brandfolder integration and noticed when I upload to Brandfolder more than one asset at a time from a single row from Smartsheet, it combines/bundles them into one visible asset with multiple attachments. Is there a way to "turn off" that bundling automation?

We are uploading multiple assets from a single row not only because it's efficient, but because they're all related to that row/the metadata they'll be given; however, they should be searchable in Brandfolder as their own asset due to the nature of their size, messaging, etc. I've attached a screen shot to show what it looks like when multiple assets are being bundled together when using the SS/BF integration.

When I upload multiple assets into Brandfolder directly from Brandfolder, they upload as their own individual asset (despite having the same metadata). Why can't the process be the same when uploading using the integration? Not only is it extra steps to find the asset attached WITHIN an asset, but when we do keyword searches, while the asset will show up, so will all of the "attachment" assets even if the keywords don't match them. This requires more searching and scrolling.