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Reporting Roll Up

Reporting newbie and need guidance.   I have a standard sheet which has an Activity column where the drop down list is Active, Closed, Inactive, Requested, etc.)  Each item in the row is tied to a dollar figure.   Can Reports pull both columns, but roll up the Activity column by name into a total dollar figure?

i.e.  2 rows under Active are $100K each, 2 rows under Closed are $100K each.   Can Report Builder only show 1 row for Active and one for Closed, but show the total $200K value for each?



  • Hello,

    Currently, calculations can't be created in reports directly—all calculations must be created in the source sheets and pulled into the report.

    With that being said, you can create a summary row that contains a formula that calculates your total, then adjust your report criteria to bring that summary row in.

    More information on formulas in Smartsheet can be found in our help center: https://help.smartsheet.com/functions

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