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I have set up an alert for smartsheet to notify a email address when a new project is set up, however, the alert is being sent when a project gets moved from one sheet to another not just when a new one is set up.  Is there any way I can stop this from happening?


Thank you



  • Hi Sharon,

    A row is being added to your sheet when it is moved to it, and we currently don't have a specific "moved row" alert.

    To get what you'd want, you need to narrow the criteria down more specifically by adding conditions to your notification rule. You might consider having a checkbox in your source sheet that people need to check before moving rows to the destination sheet.

    Or if you move rows to the destination sheet because they are completed projects, consider adding a condition to your rule that will only notify when rows that are not marked as completed are added.

  • many thanks for your reply.  I will try this.

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