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Sights font size



Is there any way to choose larger font size than 36?

I have a large 50" screen which shows 5 tiles with 4 rows of data, that is updated every minute (since today's enhancement of auto-update). It works perfectly! Love it!


The biggest font is 36, so numbers are visible from couple of meters, but if I step further away, it's impossible to read out what's there.

Any tricks for that?

I tried to zoom web page but unfortunately sight's fonts are not corrsponding with zoom function.




  • Pam Alakai
    Pam Alakai Employee


    36 is the maximum font size we have for our sheets right now and that can't be modified at the moment. But you can submit an enhancement request for this functionality here so it can be considered by our development team for future implementations.

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    Smartsheet Support 

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