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  • Genevieve P.
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    Glad I could help!

  • how do I average multiple IFs?

    =AVG(IF(Kabasalan10 = "Completed", 4, IF(Kabasalan10 = "ongoing", 3, IF(Kabasalan10 = "started / Delayed", 2, IF(Kabasalan10 = "Not Started", 1)))), IF(Kabasalan11 = "Completed", 4, IF(Kabasalan11 = "ongoing", 3, IF(Kabasalan11 = "started / Delayed", 2, IF(Kabasalan11 = "Not Started", 1))))),IF(Kabasalan12 = "Completed", 4, IF(Kabasalan12 = "ongoing", 3, IF(Kabasalan12 = "started / Delayed", 2, IF(Kabasalan12 = "Not Started", 1))))

    i can add two cells, but if i add a third one, it becomes #unparseable


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @dapistar

    Can you explain exactly what it is you're looking to do? I see three rows referenced here. Are you wanting to assign a value to each status, then average across just 3 rows?

    If you want to average across the whole sheet, what I would personally do is set up a helper column that assigns the numerical value per row, like so:

    =IF(Kabasalan@row = "Completed", 4, IF(Kabasalan@row = "ongoing", 3, IF(Kabasalan@row = "started / Delayed", 2, IF(Kabasalan@row = "Not Started", 1))))

    Then you can AVG that column in a new formula.



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