Smartsheet connection with Alteryx workflow




Someone facing an issue to connect data from Smartsheet into workflow in Alteryx?

I have an Alteryx with data connected from Smartsheet that always worked well, but last friday the alteryx wont able to connect with Smartsheet, the message in Alteryx is "No valid Fileds were selected.

This connection between Alteryx and Smartsheet is drive by Sheet ID and API Key.


Thanks in advance,







  • Michael Weiland

    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for reaching out about the "No valid Fields were selected." Alteryx error you are receiving in your workflow. It looks like you have already contacted Smartsheet Support and you're working with one of my team members.

    I have located an Alteryx Community article which appears to be similar to the error message that you are receiving and I am reaching out in your open support ticket with more info now.

    Please look our for my response and let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you!