ODBC-Smartsheet connector

Devender Singh
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I am trying to add  smartsheet connector  in User DSN through ODBC Data Source Admin. 

It keeps on saying invalid username/password. I am pretty sure I am using right credentials. I can login to smartsheet with that. 

We recently enabled SSO for smartsheet. I even tried User API token for SSO login. I generated the access token in smartsheet. When I enter the token, it stop responding for a while and then takes me back to "configure smartsheet datasource" screen again. 




  • Richard Rymill SBP
    Richard Rymill SBP ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    No need to struggle with this there are a number of choices you need to make so best to let the Smartsheet's own support team help you with this. Once set up it worked well and very useful. 




  • Nathan Lloyd
    Nathan Lloyd Employee
    edited 03/01/19

    Hi Davender,

    I would recommend verifying you're using the "Use API token for SSO login" button just beneath the Password field if you're trying to authenticate using an API Token.

    If you're entering the token value into the Password field, that won't work. 

    If that doesn't seem to be the issue, please create a ticket with Smartsheet Support and we will be glad to assist! If you need to submit a support ticket, be sure to do so from your Smartsheet account email address so we can easily find your account information when you write in.

    You can submit a support ticket here: https://help.smartsheet.com/contact



    Smartsheet Support

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  • Willem
    Willem ✭✭

    I have already tried everything as per the above feedback and it still does not work.