Renaming Reports - updateReport() functionality

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There has been very little discussion on this topic.  What is required to get this feature added to the API?  I have been assigned the task of creating a JAVA app that will create new workspacea from a set of templates we've created. This is to be done through the JAVA API(SDK). I've completed the app other than renaming the reports.  Given we will be adding more than 175 new operators initially and then the same annually as we go forward, and there are 7 required reports for each new workspace, that's more than 1,225 renames that will have to be done manually if this functionality is not addressed soon.

I have submitted a feature request, but the best I can tell, it's not been looked at.  What's the process to get this done? If this is not addressed (or at lease feedback provided as to when it will be), we will likely be closing our account and moving to another platform to meet our needs.  

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    I looked to see if there are any potential workarounds that would allow you to update Report names within and outside of the API, but I found that the only way to update a Report names is to do it manually via the app in your browser.

    Although we can't confirm if or when Enhancement Requests will be implemented, I'd like to assure you that every Enhancement Request is submitted directly to our Product team and they do take your suggestions into consideration when deciding what to build next.