smartsheet dashboard is not auto updating

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Hi Team,

Im leveraging  the API  to publish data to a smartsheet.  Then i have a smart dashboard set up to graph that data.

But when i push new data to the sheet, the dashboard charts don’t auto-update.[It says the source is modified but it’s not is the same]


I need this to be automatic, so when someone goes to the dashboard, it’s always graphing the most recent data on the source sheet.


How can i get  help with this?


  • dave-inden
    dave-inden ✭✭✭

    When a dashboard is loaded by someone in their browser it will pull all of the latest information from the items the dashboard is connected to. Depending on that individual's personal settings for the dashboard it may auto-refresh the data every 10 minutes. That is enabled by default, I believe. Outside of that the person can also refresh the dashboard manually to have it get the latest data at that time.

    When you add the new data to the source sheet do you add a new row or do you update existing rows on the sheet that the chart is looking at? If you are updating the existing rows with new data, meaning new values and not the same values pushed again, that change should be reflected if the dashboard is manually refreshed or the auto-refresh occurs. If you are adding new rows it may not depending on how the chart is setup on the dashboard. If the chart was set to look at at an explicit set of rows then adding new rows to the sheet won't change anything in the chart. If the chart is set to look at the whole columns then new rows being added will be reflected.

    I would suggest checking how the chart is set to look at the source sheet. If the issue still seems to be occurring it would probably be best to reach out to the Smartsheet Support team. Someone from there can work with you directly and look at how you have things setup to see what the solution would be.