Sheet is view only

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My sheet is view only.

I am not sure how it got in this mode

I don't see a way to get out of mode. 

This is happening on Android phone nothing changed no new phone 

I have a tablet can log in and make changes on the sheet. The tablet isn't in view only.  I am only one on sheet and account.



  • Hi,

    If you haven't already done so already, please contact Support with the information above, including screen capture, and provide the following as well:

    - Sheet Name (or if it's happening for all sheets)

    - The change you are trying to make

    - If you access the sheet on your tablet via the App or Web Browser

    - If the issue persists when you log out / log in



  • Hi I have the same problem. And it’s holding up my work.

    i had someone reach out to me via email, but he disappeared after the first mail, probably he got busy

  • I recently upgraded to the Pro plan and now all the people that I shared a sheet with now have view only access even though they are editors. There seems to be no way to fix this.

  • Hi @btinnj

    Sheets owned by Pro Plan users can only be edited by licensed users within that same account. We are working to add messaging that clarifies this restriction in an upcoming release.



  • I have the same issue as btinnj. "Upgraded" to the Pro plan yesterday, lost functionality today. Am I understanding correctly that even though we are more engaged (spending more money) with smartsheet, we have lost functionality (sharing with free users) and there is no documentation to communicate this on the smartsheet website?

  • @Genevieve P.

    That was not made clear on anything when I upgraded the plan. If it was, I would not have upgraded to this supposedly better plan. Generally when you upgrade with software, you aren't supposed to lose functionality. Total BS.

    How do I go back to the previous version?

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