How can I detect "Sheet - Create" using API

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  • We will be creating / managing projects in Smartsheet
  • Each new project is a new sheet, based on a template
  • I am designing integration to other systems that need to be notified whenever a new project or task within a project is created.
  • I can use a Webhook to detect changes within a project (sheet)
  • It doesn’t look like I can use a Webhook to detect that a new sheet has been created because, according to the documentation, the only scope available for webhooks is “sheet” – I think I would need a webhook scoped to “workspace” to detect new sheets when the are created within the workspace


My question

How can I detect when a new sheet (project) has been created programmatically in order to trigger the necessary actions that need to occur in other systems?


Related question

I see that there is an Event Reporting add-on that does publish an event on SHEET – CREATE. Can you provide more information about this add-on?