Returning INVALID DATA TYPE - Definitely shouldn't be

Hello -

This one has got me pulling my hair out. This USED to work. NOTHING has changed.

=SUMIFS({WAP Total}, {WAP Date}, MONTH(@cell) = MONTH(TODAY()))


But... it's not. WAP Date is DEFINITELY a date data type and

=SUMIFS({WAP Total}, {WAP Date}, @cell = TODAY()) works just fine...

This formula is summing the total of deposits over the current month for a particular client. By the way, YEAR() and WEEKNUMBER() are returning the same errors. I've check, rechecked, then checked again - WAP Date is 100% a date column.

This exact same formula is working in the exact same manner for other clients.

I'm suspecting that something in the actual smart sheet itself is corrupt.

Any help would be appreciated.



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