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In an effort to automate our contracting process I am trying to convert numbers to words (preferably dollars and cents) for example $12,345.67 = Twelve Thousand Three Hundred Forty-Five Dollars and Sixty-Seven Cents.

Using Google Doc/Smartsheet Merge I have completed most of the project with ease, however i am stuck in solving the final piece - ultimately i do want the text to be returned to my smartsheet.

Any suggestions would be appreciated

There are many online tools to do the work - one example is below:



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    I was able to make it work in a roundabout fashion using Zapier, Google Docs and two smartsheets.

    1. Add an Auto Row number column to your Smartsheet
    2. Intakes information/requets from a Smartsheet Form
    3. Zap #1 - Zapier moves the number I want to convert to words and the ROW ID number to a Google Sheet
    4. Using Google Sheet "Importdata" Function I reach out to the website that converts numbers to written dollars & cents
    5. Zap #2 - Creates a new row and imports the ROW ID number and the written number back to a separate "Refernece" Smartsheet
    6. Vlookup from the original smartsheet to the "reference" smartsheet and voila

    Google Sheet:


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