Limit on cell linking between sheets

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Yet again I have run into the 5,000 linked cells between sheets. This is ridiculous and yet another example of user requests going unanswered by Smartsheet.

This and many other limitations and 'workarounds' cause us to have to create more and more sheets, eating into our total sheet count, figure out how to fight these issues, increase our costs due to more and more work in creating sheets, figuring out 'workarounds'.

Simple functions like copying a column within a sheet, increasing the cell linking limit, etc., have been requested for years, but the responses users receive of "I'll log your vote" or "Submit an Enhancement Request" are obviously just empty responses that will never be acted upon by Smartsheet developers.

Since the October 2019 'update' to Smartsheet which removed free user's ability to edit the When? filed in Report Builder, my interaction required to address this issue for our free users, has added another 2-6 hours each week, to my work load. Of course the 40+ hours I wasted with Smartsheet Support and their 'workarounds', would have yielded that work falling on our free users, for which they would have then billed our company for. How is that saving us time or money?

Very disappointed in Smartsheet and their lack of real understanding of how their tool is used in the real world.


  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Smartsheet does not provide a public roadmap. Therefore we do not know what is in the works and what is considered a priority. While the request for feature "xyz" may have been around for a while, feature "abc" may still have a higher number of requests, or it may be easier to roll out because of fewer programming requirements.

    An example would be merging cells. Sure. It has been asked for quite a bit, and those requests go back quite a ways. But then how would that affect Hierarchy functions?

    Additionally... Smartsheet is a business. It was created to make money. Free users don't make them money. I understand the argument that certain limitations recently placed on free users is pushing business away, but how much has it also brought in?

    All I'm saying is that things may not be as simple to implement as they seem, and a business requiring people to pay to use their product is really pretty common.

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