Update a status column based on multiple conditions


I have a sheet tracking a project wherein the status will be changed multiple times depending on the phase of the project. Right now I'm trying to set up an autofill of the status to say "Director Approval" when the approval workflow is received by the director, then I want the status to update when the next approval is received by the Executive Director. The formula i have works, except that it will only recognize the first condition. It will not change the status when a new condition is added.

This is what I have:

=IF([CCA FORM RECEIVED]@row = 1, "CCA FORM RECEIVED", IF([Director Approval]@row = "Approved", "DIRECTOR APPROVED", IF([ED Approved]@row = "Approved", "EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR APPROVAL")))

I played around adding an OR at the front of each, but that didn't work.

Thank you!

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  • Christina Riot
    Christina Riot ✭✭✭✭
    Answer ✓

    Thank you both! This seems to work so far.

    I really appreciate it!


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