Sheet utilizing "=Today()" in the formula is no longer updating the Report or Dashboard

I have a sheet where we do calculations such as Tasks coming due in the Next 7 days "=COUNTIFS({AF}, <=TODAY(+7), {PComp}, <>1)".  When we used the metric widget on the dashboard, it didn't update the numbers each day.  So we changed and used a Report to capture the columns/numbers from the sheet, and the report widget to display the data on the dashboard.  It has been working on this and other projects until the last week or so, and suddenly the numbers won't update unless you open the sheet, hit save, and then either open or refresh the Dashboard.  Any idea why it would have quit working?  And any idea how to fix it???  I tried using an Alert, triggered every day, at 1:00am with a condition that the column "No." (which is the column doing the calculations), is not blank, send an alert.  That did not trigger the update. This is a huge project with 15 Workstreams and 15 project managers.  Asking them to go into the sheet and open and save it every day is not acceptable, and having a person responsible to do that for them every morning is not an acceptable solution either.  There has to be a way to trigger the sheet to update based on todays date.  HELP!?!?!


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