Add an Alt-Enter to a Formula?

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I have a formula that is pulling a status update from 3 different sheets:

=IFERROR("BA: " + INDEX({ITBA Status}, MATCH($[Project / Task ID]@row, {ITBA PID}, 0)), "") + IFERROR(" AppDev: " + INDEX({Dev Status}, MATCH($[Project / Task ID]@row, {Dev PID1}, 0)), "") + IFERROR(" CS: " + INDEX({CSStatus}, MATCH($[Project / Task ID]@row, {CSPID}, 0)), "")

If it finds a match in the sheet, it should add it. The result is coming out like this:

BA: Complete AppDev: Complete CS: In Progress

I'd like it to look like:

BA: Complete

AppDev: Complete

CS: In Progress

Where it puts each status on a different line within the same cell. Can I embed an Alt-Enter into the formula? (and if so, how?)


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