Creating a series of narrowed down drop down menus...

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Creating a series of narrowed down drop down menus...

Is there anyway to setup a rule whereby you select from a dropdown menu in one column, then the column next to it gives you a specific dropdown based on your selection and then based on that, the following columns auto-populate.

For example:


1. Manufacturer 2. Model 3. Device Reference 4. Device Type 5. Price

(1. Click from a dropdown). (2. Based on that choice I am given a specific dropdown). (3. the next columns auto-populate based on those two choices)

I have a master sheet that I am operating in and created a separate sheet where all the device information lives that I would like to be used for narrowing down choices and auto-populating. I originally played around with the VLOOKUP formula but was getting far too confused.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


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