Trouble accessing Children rows when filter applied

Fletcher Boll
Fletcher Boll ✭✭✭✭
edited 02/21/20 in Formulas and Functions

Hello! I have been having trouble accessing children tasks when a filter is applied. Once the filter is applied and I click the parent + icon, it turns to a - but the children do not show/ will not open.

I am also having trouble with another sheet in which I am trying to:

  • add schedule times (preferably to my start date field)
  • create a formula that will let me know when a workshop has been double scheduled for the same date and time and then trigger a flag.

See image for set up.

I have tried a few formulas:

=COUNTIF([Start Date]4:[Start Date]80 = <1, 1)

=IF(COUNTIFS([End Date]4:[End Date]80, >= [Start Date]@row, [Start Date]4:[Start Date]80, <= [End Date]@row) -1>0,1)

Thank you for help!


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