Removing old entries by comparing Modified time

Hello, I am trying to find the index number of a matching number in column7. So if Column7 was 56 I would expect that this function

=MATCH([Column7]1, (COLLECT([Column7]:[Column7], [Row ID]:[Row ID], <>[Row ID]1)))

would return 4. Collect returns a list of numbers which are not blanks and excludes itself since it is excluding all the values with a Row ID of 1. Since only it has a Row ID of one. What I am actually getting is #NO MATCH.

Ultimately, I need a function which returns the index number of the duplicate Column7 value. The index number would be feed to an INDEX function to return the Modified time of the duplicate SO that I can compare Modified Date with the current cell.

older Modified time would be flagged in another cell and moved to another sheet automatically. This would be done by an automation that would look for a value that says "outdated" or something.


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