Why is the same exact function behaving differently for 20 rows?

I have the following function on over 140 rows in a project plan:

=IF(TaskCheck@row = 1, "Task Done", IF(ISBLANK(Predecessors@row), "Ready to Begin", IF(INDEX(TaskCheck:TaskCheck, VALUE(LEFT((Predecessors@row), 2))) = 1, "Ready to Begin", "Don't Start (Predecessor Incomplete)")))

If the predecessor is not complete the task will show in gray and say "Don't Start (Predecessor Incomplete)".

The function is listed the same way for all rows but for rows 100-120, it is not working correctly. Instead of "Don't Start (Predecessor Incomplete)", it says "ready to begin". It should only say ready to begin of the predecessors are complete.

I tried copying over to a new sheet, deleting the rows and starting from scratch. Rows 100-120 are still incorrect.

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  • Kimberly Jones
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    @Paul Newcome @Andrée Starå Here is a screen shot. As soon as the predecessor is listed as 100 or higher, the row changes to green and says ready to begin. It should stay gray and say Don't Start until row 100 is complete. The theory that it is only pulling to two digits to the left seems accurate based on what I am seeing but I do not know how to fix that. is there a way to tell it to pull all digits of predecessors? Thank you both for the help!


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