Duplicate value formula

02/28/20 Edited 02/28/20
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I am trying to use a formula that will place a check mark in my duplicate check column if an invoice# in column 8 is a duplicate. 

I was using the =IF(COUNTIF format but it doesn't seem to be working for me

Any recommendations

This is the formula I use & I keep getting an error of #UNPARSEABLE

=IF(COUNTIF([Invoice #]:[Invoice #]; [Invoice #]@row8) > 1; 1)


  • I think you need to give the IF a negative condition. As you have it, you only tell it what to put if the embedded COUNTIF is greater than 1. Also not sure why the you have the 8 in there after {Invoice #]@row.

    =IF(COUNTIF([Invoice #]:[Invoice #], [Invoice #]@row > 1), 1, 0)


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