CountIFS - Referencing the same Range

Hi - I am trying create a formula that counts if a reference spreadsheet range is assigned to development OR testing with the overall status of in progress given the priority.....I am newer and have been having a hard time transitioning my excel knowledge :( on doing ands and ors

=COUNTIFS({Sprint Spreadsheet Range 1}, 1, {Sprint Spreadsheet Range 2}, "Development", OR({Sprint Spreadsheet Range 2} = "Testing", {Sprint Spreadsheet Range 3}, "In Progress"))

Sprint Spreadsheet Range 1: Reference to identify all items that have priority of 1

Sprint Spreadsheet Range 2: Reference to task category "development" or "Testing"

Sprint Spreadsheet Range 3: Reference to task status of "in progress"

I would like to return the number of items that are a priority 1 in the category of development or testing with the status of in pogress

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  • Exactly what I needed THANK YOU!

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