Getting a sheet to refresh data

I have a number of sheets that are fed data via forms. The sheets are setup to deal with this incoming data automatically and they feed selected information to Dashboards via reports and formulas that run within the sheets.

The problem I have is that since there is no need to access these sheets, the data is not getting refreshed by user access and is not presenting the correct results on the dashboard.

As an example I have a formula that counts the number of entries that have been made during the day on the individual sheets [=COUNTIF([Date of Check]:[Date of Check], =TODAY())] , this works fine and presents on the dashboard as a metric but it only updates after the sheets are accessed.

My question is, is there a way to force these sheets to refresh automatically either when new data arrives via the forms or on a timer (say every 10 minutes the same as the dashboards)

This issue is not a showstopper as I just have to access the contributing sheets regularly to get the data to update but I like things to happen without user intervention.

Any ideas on this welcome



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