Can someone help me create % complete by using date and checkboxes?

The previous calculation I used to calculate % complete is by strictly referencing if a date is in a cell. I would like to use a combination of Date and checkboxes to determine % complete.

Previous working formula, using only dates: ((COUNTIF(ISDATE([Field work % Complete]@row), "1") * (1.8) + COUNTIF(ISDATE([Engineered Footprint % Complete]@row), "1") * (1.8) + COUNTIF(ISDATE([Received DCID's]@row), "1") * (0.6) + COUNTIF(ISDATE([Design Returned with DCID's/BOM]@row), "1") * (0.6) + COUNTIF(ISDATE([Splice Schematic/FAT % Complete]@row), "1") * (0.6) + COUNTIF(ISDATE([Final Design Completed and Returned]@row), "1") * (0.6)) / (6))

New formula: struggling to make the checkbox work: I thought I could use the same method, count if and add the "1". I tried this: =(COUNTIF(ISDATE(RFC@row), "1") + (COUNTIF(ISBOOLEAN([checkbox@row], "1"))))

The first part with date works, but can anyone help me understand how to count a checkbox (if checked)? If all things =1, I can go back and include the correct % multiplier to weight my fields properly. Is this possible?

You are always great help, Thank you for your suggestions!



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