Sumif from multiple sheets

I need help with a formula for 2 scenarios:

1) I want to sum up the total of items from the "ATL Tasks/Notes" sheet that have any priority designation (high, medium or low).

2) Then I also want to sum up the total of items between multiple sheets "SHEET NAME Tasks/Notes" that are high priority.


  • Hello JennS_,

    Thanks for reaching out within the Community!

    I was able to create a few example formulas that should bring the desired result. Please note these may need some name adjustments to work within your sheet:

    SUM all costs on a sheet that have any priority (excluding cells without a Priority set):

    =SUMIFS(Cost:Cost, Priority:Priority, <>"")

    SUM all items with a priority of High across multiple sheets:

    =SUMIF(Priority:Priority, Priority:Priority = "High", Cost:Cost) + SUMIF({ct2 Range 1}, {ct2 Range 1} = "High", {ct2 Range 2})

    Please note with the above cross sheet formula, you will have to change the names of the ranges. The ranges were created by clicking on either the "Priority" or "Cost" column header. When using a SUMIF for cross sheet references, the ranges should match the same column headers as in the first part of the formula E.G Where it says Priority:Priority, you would select the Priority column header in the other sheet for the second SUMIF. Furthermore, to add multiple sheets to the formulas, please use a + as seen above.

    Please reach out if you have any issues or questions



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