Populating a value from one sheet (not just using the VALUE formula)



I'm not sure if what I am looking for is possible, but wanted to check.

What I am looking to do is populate specific cell information from one sheet to another with select row information, when a column value is yes. Example sheet that I have been working on below:

So what I am trying to do is if the "Populate order form" column says YES, then the value for "Placed By" column for that specific row would be placed in Cell A on a different sheet. Then repeat the formula with Account Name column into Cell B and so on. This would only be used for one row at a time. Currently we are being asked to put this data into a specific excel file, but if we can have it auto populate to a different sheet that is laid out like the excel file and then exported and emailed, that would be ideal.

I've looked at IF formulas and VALUE formulas and haven't been able to figure out a way to make it work. If it's not possible, that's fine, but would like to see if it is before we move onto an alternative option. Hope that explanation makes sense. If not, I can try and explain further. Thanks so much for anyone and everyone's help!


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