Formulas for visual symbols

Lexington ✭✭
edited 03/30/20 in Formulas and Functions

Are there any formulas specific to visual symbols to simplify summary data for parent rows?

I have a RYGB status for activities within a project and would like to be able to summarise the 'worst' status in the parent rows. For example, if three activities are green (on target) and one is yellow (slight delay) then the whole section/project should be treated as yellow. If any activity is red, then the whole section/project should be treated as red. I then roll this overall project status into a summary sheet.

At the moment I am using a rather long-winded IF statement. Is there anything more simple I can do with parent functions and/or anything to do directly with the symbols

Thank you - I hope I have explained myself clearly enough, feel free to ask for additional info if not!


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